Rearing rabbits, local chicken & turkeys

Mothers and children are trained on rearing, housing, feeding, treatment and the nutritional value of rabbits, local chicken & turkeys. All these are sources of white meat and are highly valued for their low fat, low cholesterol and high quality proteins. This training is done with support from Bobo Eco-farm which hosts field visits; both for inspiration (as a model) as well as providing expert advice/onsite training.


MAMAH plans to support women groups to make leather bags, belts & hats from Rabbit skins. This is expected to boost household incomes that in turn will help families improve their living conditions such as improve their dwelling places (houses), buy clothing for children as well as beddings, pay for scholastics needs for their children as well as health care. As such rabbit keeping is high on MAMAH’s agenda as a source of nutritious meet for the family as well as an income generating activity