Production of Food Supplement

Many women are undernourished at birth, stunted during childhood and become pregnant in adolescence. This leads to intergenerational deficiencies.

MAMAH supports mothers to produce groundnuts & simsim, and train them on how to make a food supplement called “oddi” out of this. The aim of this activity is to eliminate malnutrition (Stunting, wasting and under-weight) among children 0-5 years and mothers at household and community levels. MAMAH uses an integrated model that promotes a highly nutritious, low-cost, easily accessible, and culturally acceptable supplementary food product - Oddi. Oddi is chiefly made from simsim and groundnuts, both of which are packed with a variety of nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development. Groundnuts are rich in dietary protein composed of fine quality amino acids and minerals that are essential for cell growth. They are rich in minerals and they have plenty of important vitamins and anti-oxidants with a protective function against diseases including viral infections. Simsim on the other hand has oil seeds which are sources for phyto-nutrients, vitamins and dietary fiber as well as health promoting properties. 


The idea is to prevent chronic malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in early childhood and during the reproductive age and thus curtail the intergenerational deficiencies. The project is implemented as a package, has active surveillance, and is community –led through village health teams (VHTs), Local Council leaders (LCs) and health workers at community health facilities. It involves intense behavior change communication programs including delivery of recommended key nutrition messages during mothers and children follow up. The project also promotes prompt care seeking for mothers and children for common illnesses.   It is piloted in Tanda, Ttamu & Katakala parishes in Mityana District.