Volunteering with MAMAH

MAMAH is a non-profit community-based organization that envisions a world of healthy and productive communities that are in charge of their food and nutritional needs. MAMAH uses innovative strategies and approaches to fight malnutrition and hunger mainly at the grassroots level. We use a community-based approach, primarily targeting vulnerable individuals, family units, villages, women groups and schools for interventions. Special emphasis is placed on the most vulnerable groups i.e. pregnant & lactating mothers, children under five years, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

We are proud to be part of this cause and we welcome volunteers to share their time and expertise, enthusiasm and talent to further the work of MAMAH.

We have three areas of focus: Food Security, Health and Income generation for our women groups.

You can help in:

  1. Fortification of food like Oddi (Peanuts & Simsim butter) and mushrooms
  2. Food processing and preservation
  3. Value addition like making Cheese and Yoghurt from Diary goat's milk
  4. Supporting the women cookery school: skills training, mobilization of tools to be used, developing a manual for different recipes, bakery etc
  5. Supporting MAMAH community tool library: mobilizing tools that can be borrowed by women to produce food; hoes, wheel barrows, pangas (harvesting knives), rakes, sprayer pumps, and water tanks
  6. Supporting income generating projects

You can provide online support or physically engage with MAMAH staff and community groups

Contact us for more details on how to participate