BOBO Eco-farm

BOBO Eco-farm provides free training opportunities to women groups under MAMAH in areas of eco-smart farming and also provides turkeys and rabbits for our members as startup capital. In addition, MAMAH offices are housed at BOBO Eco-farm, still free of charge


The Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute

Ministry of Health, Uganda


The National Agricultural Research Laboratory

Kawanda, Uganda



a CBO in Busimbi sub-county supported by Action Aid Uganda. 


MAMAH welcomes partnerships on the above programs. We also provide volunteers an opportunity to participate in training women on various food production, processing, preparation & preservation skills, as well as Income Generating Activities. Kindly talk to us to find out how you can participate in the above named programs.


Get involved 

There are many ways that you can help, whether from home or by joining us in Uganda.

You can get involved through

  • Volunteering. ………………………
  • Donating. Every small donation goes a long way towards supporting a family attain food security

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